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Fitting a Kiwiprop to a Saildrive guide:   YouTube

NB: This early version lacks current central M8 Cap Screw to be fited inside square drive with Loctite™ as final step.

Fitting a Kiwiprop to a Shaft:

Greasing either a K3 or K4 unit guide:

Greasing K3 or K4 Unit:  Greasing    Notes on greasing


Please take a moment to review our current general video content below:


A video of the unit in action underwater is avilable courtsey on our French Dealers:


A video of one of the comparisons between the fitting of the ogival blades and how they compare with standard symetric bklades, ogivla blades adopted and an extended prototype not utilised - our CFD via OpenFOAM.

As with all design everything is a compromise so the decision to go with the OGV blade was made


This video was recorded at the Annapolis Sailboat show by Jamie - - in the US